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    Wales brand Idea

    We’ve worked with the Welsh Government since 2005, promoting Wales as a destination brand, across business, leisure and tourism.


    • The Welsh have a special sense of pride and togetherness that many nationalities just don’t have, nor understand. Some call it ‘hwyl’, which loosely translates as a stirring feeling of emotional energy. We needed to tap into this unique spirit to build a compelling nation brand for Wales


    • Original Thinking
    • Wales has a long history of challenging convention, upending received wisdom and coming up with original thoughts of its own
    • The brand idea, ‘Original Thinking’, captures the uniqueness of the Welsh psyche, setting Wales up as a challenger brand


    • Originality was the order of the day, particularly with the verbal identity
    • The tone of voice is distinctive, engaging and delivered with a refreshingly wry sense of humour


    • Comprehensive brand guidelines inspired the development and roll-out of a coherent brand for Wales


    • A series of award-winning campaigns across business, tourism and major events