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    Alzheimer’s Society


    • Alzheimer’s is growing rapidly but is unnoticed by many of us – yet a person is diagnosed with dementia every three minutes of every day in the UK
    • Dementia is the silent killer people don’t know or see coming but it will affect all of us – directly or indirectly
    • Our job was to make dementia impossible to ignore. To catalyze awareness and fundraising. To become talked about. To be relevant. To be urgent


    • United Against Dementia
    • We needed to make Alzheimer’s everyone’s problem
    • To make Alzheimer’s Society the rallying point for a movement to galvanise opposition
    • Together we need to fight and beat this vicious disease. How? By being “United Against Dementia”


    • The forget-me-not is a global symbol of dementia, created in a graffiti style to symbolise grass roots protest and demand for change
    • The tile design system takes cues from protest placards. They add variety to communications, aid navigation and highlight key information
    • The photographic style portrays those who live with dementia positively and with dignity; showing they are still a big part of society and life in general


    • Brand architecture
    • Brand positioning
    • Visual identity & guidelines