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    At the heart of our brand is the concept of generous ideas. Ideas that keep on giving.

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    Big ideas are generous. Big enough to share. Big enough for companies, customers and communities to all engage with.

    The world has had enough of the small-minded thinking that starts and ends with self-interest.

    ‘Knowledge’, the old African proverb goes, ‘is the only treasure that increases on sharing’. Generous ideas are the same. Shared, they only grow bigger, more powerful, more compelling. Ownable, but not exclusive. Distinctive, but not restrictive.

    Likeable, Ownable, Applicable, Farmable and Shareable. Use your LOAFS.

    Generous ideas are rich in potential. And it is always our ambition to create ideas for our clients that are Likeable, Ownable, Applicable, Farmable and Shareable (or ‘LOAFS’ for short). Following the LOAFS principle is great for the companies we work with because it ensures we provide them with potent, actionable brands.

    It saves them money, because the brands we create earn traction in the media, meaning less investment in paid-for-marketing. And it makes marketing easier. Because great ideas should be directional in the activities they inspire across any point of contact with their intended audience.

    The ideas we create keep on giving in other ways too. Making a positive impact on the communities and people they touch, creating cultural value as well as commercial returns. And doing the right thing for the world around us.

    Generous ideas are also fundamental to the kind of company we are. Rewarding entrepreneurship and commitment to create a positive culture with incentives and benefits that accompany being part of an independent, agile business.