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    Ocean Outdoor

    Ocean brand idea

    Welcome to the Art of Outdoor. A brand we created for digital media pioneers, Ocean, extended to post-Covid company culture and international expansion.


    • A pioneer in Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising, their premium screens were set to change the media landscape
    • A channel that exceeds the traditional OOH market through merging the inherent branding strengths of OOH and enhancing through location, audience, data and unique technology


    • The Art of Outdoor
    • Curator of one of the largest commercial art galleries in the world. Their digital screens providing the most iconic, dramatic and impactful canvases in the world of outdoor advertising
    • Advertising on an Ocean site doesn’t just create impact for brands, it elevates a brand from advertising to a piece of commercial art


    • The art of impact, through simplicity and magnetism
    • The identity is itself a canvas to showcase the very best creative talent and work. Always drawing the audience in, via engaging content


    • Brand positioning and identity
    • Product strategy and naming
    • Launch communications
    • Advertising
    • Internal culture & EVP


    • Having created the Digital Out of Home category in 2005, Ocean has pioneered, driven and established DOOH to be the engaging media channel that it is today, accounting for circa 50% of all OOH spend
    • International expansion across 7 countries across Europe with presence in over 351 cities
    Ocean Visual