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    Billboard Brainchip

    A brand reboot for the global leader in neuromorphic AI. Leading with magic, substantiating with logic.


    • BrainChip is the antidote to more. To more devices. More data. More demands on the data center
    • Their brain-inspired tech frees machines to do more with less, enabling them to infer the big picture from the basics


    • Learn to do less
    • BrainChip’s AI is Essential AI. It focuses only on the essentials and infers the rest
    • Processing less and locally means less latency, less power, less cost. And more on-chip efficiency. No brainer


    • Elegant, minimal, meaningful. This ID epitomizes the spirit of less
    • Pared-back to basic typography, reductive colour palette, big on black and white
    • Iconography suite to communicate product attributes as efficiently as possible


    • Brand strategy & positioning
    • Narrative and values
    • Verbal identity
    • Messaging and copywriting
    • Visual identity & guidelines
    • Assets and application
    large snow Brainchip ad
    inside booklet
    water bottle
    t-shirt branding
    BrainChip Icons