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    Spacial Quotient

    Helping healthcare establishments improve their circulation. SQ are pioneering better patient flow.


    • SQ use AI to optimise patient flow in hospitals and clinics
    • Experts in efficient use of space


    • Champions of Circulation
    • By using machine learning to radically improve people-flow through hospitals and clinics, there’s less waiting, and more time for what matters – getting patients back to health


    • An eclectic ID to stand out in a world of corporate blue
    • In Spatial Quotient, we created a brand name that can become the category generic
    • What’s your building’s SQ?


    • Brand strategy & positioning
    • Narrative and values
    • Visual identity & guidelines
    • Partnerships and Go-to-market strategy


    • Several significant contracts in the bag, and others pending
    • The perfect technology to help the NHS beat the backlog post-pandemic
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