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    Auriens Brand Idea

    Transforming the traditional view of old age by injecting vintage vitality into a market sector that is more typically associated with pipes and slippers. Welcome to the world’s coolest Old Folks’ Home.


    • Beyond the core hospitality offering, we imagined a luxury later lifestyle brand that could be extended across multiple categories, from technology and education, to art and culture


    • Vintage Vitality
    • Coining the ‘perennials’ label as a way to brand affluent boomers
    • Celebrating inspirational later lifers to inspire the next generation


    • A brand name inspired by the chemical symbol for gold, extending into a rich visual identity
    • Supported by extensive verbal identity guidance to reposition the concept of retirement


    • Comprehensive collateral suite of brochures, brand film, website
    • Branded content: the ‘Next Act’ in collaboration with the FT and Later Life Magazine in partnership with Country Life
    • Multiple partnerships, ventures, content initiatives, hackathons


    • Extensive pre-launch pipeline of enquiries
    • 100k monthly unique users for the FT Next Act
    • Media traction as the leader in the luxury later life space
    Auriens press ad
    Auriens welcome pack
    Auriens Welcome pack
    Auriens Booklet
    Auriens brochure
    Auriens hackathon